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Paul Zanders

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Dedleg is a lightweight monopod designed to fit to any recordist's bag. It's deployed in seconds in three easy moves allowing the sound recordist to take all the weight off their shoulders. It's stowed quickly and unobtrusively under the bag so that support is always the when you need it.

'I have been involved in every series of The Apprentice, going back over ten years now, being sound supervisor on six regular, and three Junior series as well as celebrity specials. It is a prime example of heavy load sound kit, coupled with long shooting days with no respite - recording almost constantly with little or no time to take off the sound kit or even sit down'.

'The arrival of the Dedleg is going to revolutionise working on this and similar shows in future. I can feel my back, neck and shoulders breathing a collective sigh of relief!'.

'It’s not often that a product arrives which can have a huge impact on our physical wellbeing - I feel that in certain circumstances the Dedleg will do just that. Camera operators have for a long time had the Easyrig - and I have heard a few call it their ‘career extender’. Dedleg is the nearest equivalent for the sound department and about time!'.

In short, this is a great product and will make an enormous difference to life on location. Its beautifully realised and reassuringly stable, but stows away with such a small profile I can forget its there when not in use, well done Dedleg!'
Pete Lee IPS

'Back injuries are becoming a big problem in our industry with bags growing to spine crushing sizes. And the muddy fields that are our playground means putting the damn things down is often more trouble than it’s worth so we end up carrying them for hours at a time. The Dedleg means that as soon as you stop walking you no longer have to support that weight but with the mixer still in position. It’s so simple it’s beautiful. Moments to attach to the bag, literally seconds to deploy or retract and it can all be done with one hand while the other hand, if you have one, is busy with something else'.

'For all us bag bashers out there, if you try it you will buy it'.
Kiff McManus AMPS

'A lovely new home grown invention to benefit sound recordists. Who'd have thought; carry a little bit more weight and save your back! We look forward to stocking the Dedleg at Richmond Film Services'.
Richmond Film Services


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