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Aerial Film Company
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Abi Hensby
Pickmere Grange,
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WA16 0JJ

About Aerial Film Company

The Aerial Film Company

The Aerial Film Company are a leading specialist in aerial filming. Using state-of-the-art stabilised camera systems with modern and reliable helicopters, combined with highly skilled and experienced pilots, ensure we’ll get flawless, stunning aerial shots every time.


We operate a single-engine Airbus H125, we also have five, twin-engine, AS355N & NP’s available for aerial filming. Our AW109SP GrandNew, H155 and B429 can be utilised as picture ships, either in their current livery, or they can be wrapped to achieve a specific look. Read more about our helicopters here

Camera Systems

To achieve the finest quality footage for major film and TV productions, we offer the Shotover K1. This state-of-the-art stabilised system can fit an incredible range of cameras, allowing it to meet almost any specifications. It can also be set up as a three camera array for VFX plates or ultra-high resolution footage.

Along with the K1, we also offer the Shotover F1 and the GSS C516. These systems are perfect for meeting a wide range of filming requirements. They are capable of using cameras like the RED Helium and the ARRI ALEXA Mini with lenses up to 1000mm. Read more about our camera systems here


Our primary drone is the Freefly Alta 8, capable of using the RED Helium/Monstro or ARRI ALEXA Mini cameras. We also use the DJI Inspire 2 Pro Cinema with the X7 camera. Read more about our drones here

Aerial Stunts

We offer a wide array of helicopter stunts, low-level flying, helicopter-jumps, long line, rappels and skydiving. We can work with you to help create dramatic scenes for your production. Read more about our aerial stunts here

Picture Ships

We can also source other airworthy and prop production aircraft. Be it civilian and military, helicopters or fixed wing, we can get almost anything from the last 100 years of aviation. Read more about our picture ships here

Read more about all the services we offer on our website.


Mission Impossible 7
Jack Ryan (Series 2)
The Bubble
No Time To Die
The Protégé
Terminator: Dark Fate
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Transformers: The Last Knight

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Name Role Email Telephone
Abi Hensby Operations Manager +44 (0) 207 062 5091
Phil Arntz Aerial Director of Photography +44 (0) 207 062 5091
Will Banks Director/Pilot +44 (0) 207 062 5091


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