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About The Lens Foundry

The Lens Foundry is an Aerial and VFX Camera Facilities company. Our range of facilities includes heavy lift Drones (Alexa Mini, Red, F55), Motion Control,Camera Tracking, Stabilised Mounts including Movi 15s and Ronin gimbals, Aerial Cinematography using remote UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Wire Cams. We also offer LIDAR scanning augmenting our VFX Splinter Unit and our new road legal Electric Tracking Vehicle. With offices in Manchester, London and Wales. The Lens Foundry now operates nationwide and we now have the largest fleet of UAS or Unmanned Aerial Systems in the industry. Our team has a combined experience within the features and television industries with credits including Downton Abbey, Dr Who, Sherlock, Poldark (new drama series), Whitechapel, The C Word, Petronas F1, Prometheus, The Huntsman to name a few. Our newly appointed client and business manager Deane De-Beger. Deane comes with a wealth of experience having worked most recently for Pinewood based Movietech and prior to this for 16 years with Arri Media. Contact Dean on 0333 448883. We operate our aerial filming platforms in accordance with the CAA Permissions to Fly document and all pilots are BNUC-S qualified.

Products / Services / Credits

  • UAV Aerial Cinematography Systems
  • Mini Mo-Co
  • Lidar Scanning
  • 4K Cameras
  • Wire Cam
  • Stabilised Camera Mounts
  • MOVI 15
  • Mini Cams
  • Road Legal 4X4 Electric Tracking Vehicle
  • Green Screen Studio Space


Name Role Email Telephone
Adam Sculthorp GBCT Camera Supervisor 0333 344 8883 Ext 1002
Alexis Hagar VFX Supervisor 0333 344 8883
Deane De-Beger Business and Client Manager 0333 344 8883


Company News

New Oxford Film Studios

The Lens Foundry is pleased to announce our new partnership with the new Oxford Film Studios. The Lens Foundry can provide bespoke VFX and Green Screen packages, including cameras, crew, motion control rigs and more.

The studio is 17m x 18m (hight 9m), with a dedicated green screen, flown lighting grid and large shutter access door.

More details arriving soon, if you have an urgent enquiry please contact Deane De-Beger, 03333 448883.
The Lens Foundry brings BBC1's Poldark to life

BBC1 launches its brand new period drama "Poldark" produced by Mammoth Films, staring Aiden Turner as Ross Poldark. The Lens Foundry was chosen as the series provider of specialist Aerial and VFX Camera facilities. Working with directors Edward Bazalgette & Will McGregor, DoP’s Cinders Foresaw & Adam Etherington and Visual Effects Supervisor Alexis Haggar on location in Wiltshire and Cornwall.

The Lens Foundry provided its dedicated VFX 4k Camera Splinter Unit, Environment Lidar Scanning team and Aerial Filming units. Working with the Sony PMW-F55 Cinealter camera, for the extensive 'elements' and plates library used across all 8 episodes, with it's 16-bit 4k RAW and 14-stop latitude, allowed the VFX team at Lexhag, complete flexibility whilst delivering a HD master.

Aerial Filming on the North Cornwall coast was shot using BlackMagic Design's Production 4k camera. Aerial cameraman Adam Sculthorp explains that the size and weight of the Production 4k camera allowed for extended flying time over the cliffs, whilst maintaining the flexibility to digitally zoom during post production and still deliver stunning HD images.

The Lens Foundry also provided extensive Environment Lidar capture, used to re-build the 18th century landscapes. Over 500m of Cornish coastline where digitally captured and photographed in High Dynamic Range to allow a ultra high resolution photo-real virtual "mine-scape" to be created.
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