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Film - TV - Music - Media Companies
Congratulations - You've Found Us!

Europe's Only Commercial Importer & Distributor of Iconic Modern American Cop Cars and Yellow Cabs!

(And Now We Can Source Your Modern Civilian American Vehicles Too)

Available for short term or long term Studio and 'on location' hire – from an hour to several months!

Your film, TV production or music video is set in modern North America?

Then you simply MUST consider our iconic Ford 'Police Interceptors' and yellow 'Crown Victoria' cabs for real authenticity!

Our Cop cars come with all the authentic American 'blues & twos' (i.e. emergency flashing blue lights and two-tone sirens), plus airhorns and loud Public Address and Radio Rebroadcast systems.

Our cabs come with a choice of illuminated 'Toblerone'-style roof ads or small illuminated 'TAXI' signs. Passenger partitions and in-cab ads provide extra authenticity

Now we can supply almost ANY American vehicle at short notice. Whether from modern or bygone eras, we have the contacts and connections you need!

Our Police Interceptors and Cruiser
Don't underestimate the challenges in identifying the authentic liveries relating to these vehicles -
there are over 38,000 - yes, 38,000 - Federal and State liveries for American cop cars!

Over 19 million of our Ford 'Interceptors'* have been manufactured for over 300 Agencies -
that's 82% of the market for law enforcement car sales* in the USA in recent years!
(*Source: R. L. Polk "MYTD cumulative police sedan registrations").

But relax - our experience and access to specialised image libraries enables us
to provide you with the correct liveries for your specific requirements.

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