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About Polease - Police Extras Uniforms & Props

Polease – the fast-growing agency supplying uniformed supporting artistes plus police technical consultancy to film and television production companies throughout the UK.

Specialising in police extras and emergency services personnel, we can provide experienced:

  • Supporting Artists

  • Professional Actors

  • Walk On Artistes

  • Background Artistes

All personnel are supplied with accurate uniforms and equipment as specified for your production. Polease, working with professional alliances, can provide uniformed (or civilian dressed) artistes as part of packages with canine actors, weapons and modern or period vehicles.


About Polease
Polease Agency has been created to meet both the needs of production companies and the UK community of uniformed supporting artists alike.

Run by Experienced Actor
Polease Agency has been set up by Chris Hipkiss, an experienced uniformed actor and supporting artiste, with extensive credits in both UK film and television productions.

Polease always aims to provide:
  • Equal opportunities for all artistes regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation or any other socio-ethnic grouping.

  • Only the very best actors and SAs who have been fully briefed about on-set etiquette, therefore providing one less headache for the ADs.

  • Actors and SAs who arrive with costume supplied to an agreed standard.

  • For larger productions, Polease will provide on-set supervision of SA input.

  • A ''one-stop shop'' for all your Police and Emergency services supporting artists, actors and equipment.

Polease specialises in actors providing CO19 or SA19 type armed response units, complete with accurate costume and equipment.

Production Company Support
If you are a casting director, or assistant director looking to fulfil the productions need for actors and quality supporting artistes, let us assist you from our pool of experienced staff.

Polease technical consultants can help you set your scenes, aid with costume or provide special effects and armourer services.

We are flexible and can book from schedules or liaise with productions as and when uniformed artistes are required. We feel that this allows a much simpler way of working and is much more cost-effective to the production.

Polease Agency has forged a number of alliances with established, professional services providers:

  • ArmouryinAction, Home Office Section 5 approved supplier of Stage, Film & Television weaponry.

  • Direct Dogs, canine actors for all UK TV, film and photography based work.

  • Vision Motor Services, the supplier of modern and period motor vehicles to the UK Film and TV industry.

These alliances allow Polease Agency to offer production companies a complete uniformed Police and Emergency Services package. Please contact Chris for more information.

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