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About Airhead Animation

We help business owners and marketing professionals explain their business, products and services to their target customers.

We turn your business information into simple animated stories that people will watch.

Our animating content will help people understand how your products or services work and demonstrate the true value your business provides.

We work with you to create effective animated videos that entice, enrich, enlighten, engage, entertain and ultimately reward other people for taking the time to watch them.

Animation is most effective when used to convey dry or complex information where it is more cost effective than filmed video and 15% more memorable than text or images alone.

Our approach

We believe that you will want us to use our creative expertise and past experience to achieve an effect on your behalf without reinventing the wheel or charging you for the time to do so in the process.

Our first question will always be, "what do you want your animation to do and what do you want to achieve?"

We work to a methodology that starts by establishing the marketing objectives behind your story and the target audience you wish to engage.

The script can come from you or we will write it in consultation with you and before we animate anything. This is because the script forms the basis of the brief or the essence of the contract and needs to be signed off before we can confirm how long your animation will take or how much it will cost to produce.

Some indicative costs are stated on our gallery page for animations based on a few simple parameters such as duration, style and complexity, for your guidance.

Custom Animation - What we mean

Animation is and has always been a labour intensive creative activity and has never been cheap.

However, progressive advances in software have provided for a degree of automation in some animation processes which help save time and so reduce the potential cost.

The explosion in the use of web based video as a business communication tool has also produced an explosion in the number of animation tools available to anyone with the time to learn how to use them.

When we talk about providing you with a Customised Animation for your business we are referring to our use of a number of these new online animation tools to provide you with a solution.

These new tools save us time when producing your animated business story. We use libraries of pre-produced visual resources or animated elements which we customise to provide you with a more affordable animation service.

Whiteboard Animation - Our approach.

We always start with the story and from the story we develop the script. The script dictates the visual content needed to support the story and the chapters we need to create to help you tell it.

There is always a beginning middle and end and our goal is to create something that every first time viewer wants to watch all over again.

This animation was produced to help describe how we produce our high quality whiteboard animations and to provide clients with some indication as to how complex the process can be.

These animations - when done well - are not only difficult for viewers to not watch through to the end but have been proven to provide a staggering 16% uplift in memory gain / retention of the information presented when measured against more traditional teaching methods.


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