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Jonathan Staples
Caswell Science & Technology Park,
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As one of the most innovative video production companies in the UK, J motion has been working with organisations of all sizes since 2002.

We are an end-to-end creative video production company. We work with passion to develop an initial concept. Next we storyboard, film and edit. Post-production is where the magic really kicks in! Finally, your delivery package includes digital marketing support to maximise ROI.

At the heart of our business is corporate video production where we work with a diverse range of clients to help them engage their audience through promotional videos, company introductions, training, testimonials and customer case studies. The use of professional video for staff recruitment is growing in popularity too, as it's an ideal medium to convey the ethos and values of a company.

In the public sector we have extensive experience across the Health Sector, working with numerous NHS Trusts. While the popularity of the school promotional video keeps us busy throughout the year.

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