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Telelift: An OB television cameraman using a 4 x 4 mounted cherry picker.

David has many years experience as a camera operator for live racing coverage. He has also done camera work in other areas such as fashion shows, music, events, and motor sports. He mainly uses big lenses and is experienced with HD. His pictures are used on ATR, RUK, Sky, CH4 and the BBC.

The unique mobile camera platform with its round cage has been purpose built to be versatile and practical to use.

The lighter weight, small 4x4 vehicle can reach those tricky positions to give the outside broadcast director more scope for interesting shots, while the achievable 360° plus of pan gets the coverage the viewer wants.

The camera mount can give shots as steady as from a fixed scaffold, but its versatility and simplicity mean quick re-positions can be made when required.

Currently used on horseracing it is ideal for use on other track or field sports, motorsports, athletics and concerts.


The camera platform is built on a 4WD Ford Ranger 2500TD; the whole rig is not much bigger than an ordinary car so it can fit into small locations.

A large lens of 50:1 or more can be carried on the camera crane.

The vehicle is being fitted with a 12volt technical supply and a triax cable to the camera platform.

The hoist is electric powered so the platform could be used indoors.

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