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N I Broadcast Ltd
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Chris Beckett
20 Armagh Road,
BT62 3DP,
Northern Ireland

About N I Broadcast Ltd

We are a specialist broadcast company who deals in purchasing and selling used OB/studio equipment from vision mixers, digital glue, converters, disk servers, OB Vans, studio clearances including small rooms, to full building clearances including wiring, furniture etc. and conform to WEEE regulations where needed.

We can offer our services locally or anywhere in United kingdom for clearances and worldwide for studio equipment and OB Vans.

If needed, we can also offer consultancy/commission based sales also now, should this be a more suitable way to get assets sold for companies etc. and any asset sold this way will be clearly marked on the website if sold on commission and not stocked by ourselves

We have specialised in the broadcast industry for many years in reference to equipment, OB van construction/valuation, integration and equipment repairs, studio clearances etc.

We have equipment and vehicles which are suited for amateur work, semi professional work and professional broadcast work for television productions, for studios and outside broadcast.

If you are looking for small, medium or large Outside broadcast vehicle or vehicles (OB Vans), then please check our list of vehicles which are available (note some may not be available immediately if still in use).
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