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Perfect Horizon Camera Stabilisation Systems

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Perfect Horizon Camera Stabilisation Systems
Brian Uranovsky
Bath UK,

About Perfect Horizon Camera Stabilisation Systems

The “Perfect Horizon”is a highly effective camera stabilizer for sea, lake or river filming and despite swell or wave motion, this stabilizing device levels out your horizon.

It can be mounted on a variety of boats and has proved its salt for some spectacular filming sequences, including the opening for the UK Olympics Opening Ceremony, the 2013 Venice Biennale and the flying bus sequence in Harry Potter.

Key Features:
  • Easily packable, fits into one pelican case, great for overseas shoots
  • Travels as regular baggage on airlines
  • Weighs 13.6 kg, 23 cm (9 inches) high
  • Carries loads of up to 68 kg
  • It doesn’t get hot and takes about 18 seconds to power up
  • All the seals are waterproof, so waves can easily crash over it without damage
  • The batteries are also sealed in waterproof pelican cases
  • Has its own 24v batteries, which last eight hours continuous
  • With a Mitchell plate top and bottom it mounts directly on the camera tripod
  • The fluid head and camera are fixed on top of the Perfect Horizon
  • An adapter plate for 100mm tripod bowls is also available
  • Fast set-up - a great time-saver where time is of the essence or the camera is roving from one set-up to the next

The primary advantage for the camera team is that the Perfect Horizon keeps the unwanted pitch and roll motion of a boat from reaching the fluid head and camera. The camera operator can run the camera and fluid head in “hands on” fashion and achieve ‘elegantly stable’ shots.

More info please contact:
Brian Uranovsky, T: +44 77 58 587 687
Julika Kennaway, T: +44 78 55 399 144
Skype: brianuro





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