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About Showcraft PA Sound Hire

Showcraft Sound Systems
Sound systems supplied by Showcraft are 1st class, well maintained systems with the very best quality amplifiers and controllers. You are in safe hands with Showcraft.

Originally established in 1984, Showcraft started out as a small 16 track recording studio and music production facility and then progressed over time into a record and music production company with several studios and its own record label.

The old Empire Studios
The next logical step was into live sound. The artistes that recorded in the studio and for our label wanted to achieve the same high quality sound that they were used to in the studio at their live performances. Showcraft was born and we still firmly believe that ‘Live Sound’ should be every bit as good, if not better, than the original recorded sound.

We only use professional sound systems from such companies as Nexo and Meyer Sound to enable a true quality sound at your Event. Professional wireless microphones from Sennheiser and Shure mean the reduced chance of that annoying high pitched feedback, which we all hate to hear.

For larger Events we use Nexo Line Array sound systems which are able to give an even sound across a much larger venue without being too loud near the speakers.

Only the best sound system will do for your Event and so all of our sound equipment is Portable Appliance Tested for maximum safety. All of our sound equipment can be installed and run by experienced engineers for the entire day for your peace of mind.

We cover a wide range of events, providing PA Systems and lighting for exhibitions, conferences, live music, theatre, weddings and many other functions. Additionally, we can provide all the necessary planning and design and provide experienced crew to set-up and run your event.

By using only the best sound systems for hire we can be sure that everything will run smoothly for you.


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