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About YourFilm - Corporate Video Production

The award-winning creative corporate video production agency

YourFilm is committed to gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, then delivering return on investment through creative corporate video content.

We're a full-service video production agency, bringing original concepts from the page to screen.

Promotional Video
Promotional Video is an immensely powerful selling tool, and a crucial part of any modern marketing mix. Video content which promotes a brand, business, organisation, product or service to a targeted audience can achieve immediate, measurable results. Make it fresh, engaging and relevant: make it work for you.

TV & Cinema Commercials
Our directors’ background is in commercial film projects, and we love being challenged to tell a story which sells something. Whether working with ad agencies to deliver their vision, or working directly with a client to conceptualise, write, produce and deliver creative commercials for TV and cinema audiences, the aim is always the same: to entertain, inform and stimulate the viewer to action.

Training Film
Video doesn’t just entertain, it educates. Whether you’re looking to produce instructional or demonstrational content which can stand-alone, or something which can be integrated with and delivered via e-learning platforms, our team have the track-record to ensure that your investment pays off in stylish, informative training film.

Animation is typically seen as a separate discipline to video production, but in reality it’s simply a style which can be applied to a project. Animation is often helpful in communicating multiple messages in a short space of time, and in fact often has the edge over traditional video when video length is a factor. We produce beautiful 2D and 3D animation in-house, for promotional, training and demonstration purposes.

Employer Branding
It’s not enough to be a ‘good’ employer any more. You need to attract the right kind of people to your company, then work hard to keep them there, often whilst behaving ethically in the community around you. Content which promotes your reputation and communicates the vision you want current and potential employees to share is powerful, and helps establish a shared ethos in the workforce. It can also be used to reach out to the local community, helping position you as a neighbour to be proud of.
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