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Mi are a Creative production Studio with skills based in:
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The Annual 3D World Magazine CG Awards 2014

The Annual 3D World Magazine CG Awards 2014 are back and I’m pleased to say I will be on the judging panel, there are 75 judges this year, yes 75! I’m proud to be alongside industry veterans like Aidan Sarsfield, Allan Mckay, Christopher Nichols just to name a few but also my inspiration for starting a career in the CG industry, Alex Alvaraz! Alex is founder and director of The Gnomon Workshop, a place I spent hours and hours in the back bedroom intently listening to his training DVDs.

The CG Awards attract some exceptional work, just have a look at last year’s winners here.. Rollin’ Safari I particularly remember for its humour and the high production values from a new studio called Flying Stone, not to mention Disneys Paperman short, the tech demo alone was a work of art and then there’s the mighty Fabric Engine taking the innovation award!

So now it’s up to you mere mortals to open the public vote on the 9th June, after which the highest nominated pieces will be handed off to myself and the rest of the judges for our thoughts on what will become the winning entries… and yes I will be taking bribes!

Good luck to everyone who entered!

Gareth Thatcher
Technical Director – Mi
Location of MI