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Julian Lines
St Albans,
England UK

About Digital Angel Mastering

Digital Angel Mastering is a professional online mastering studio, offering competitive rates.

About the owner / Mastering Engineer:

Julian Lines is the Engineer and Owner of Digital Angel Mastering.
Julian has been working in the audio post production industry for the last 25 years. He first got interested in mastering whilst working for Tape One mastering studios approx 20 years ago.
He has also worked for Goldcrest post production, SVC Television, VTR post production, Saunders and Gordon Sound Studios and the BBC as an Audio / Broadcast Engineer.
Julian has been writing, producing and recording music for over 20 years, and can draw upon a wealth of technical, musical and operational experience when mastering your tracks.
Whether they are budget demos or high end studio recordings Julian and Digital Angel Mastering can enhance and sharpen up your tracks with a little audio magic.

Your tracks will be individually mastered, not just run through a standard 'default setup'.

"Gosh, we're in the realm of not quite having enough words to describe something here! - They all sound blooming lovely. I'm absolutely delighted."
"Thanks so much for getting them to sound clearer and just well...better! Great in fact!... So glad I found you."
"Great job on the tracks. The overall sound was improved massively and we're now really looking forward to putting the album out. We have had excellent service from Jools  - Very helpful and informative. Thanks a lot."

Many more on the Testimonials/Comments page of the website.



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