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AR Media Productions Ltd
01604 621600
Rob Fairhurst (creative director)
AR Productions Studios,
12 Gregory Street,

About AR Media Productions Ltd

About AR-Media
We are AR-Media productions, a multi-disciplinary film and animation studio.

Whether you want us to look at a stand-alone video, an animated series, a feature film or an augmented reality application, you have come to the right team.

Since its founding, AR has evolved into a diverse, energetic studio of directors, designers, animators, coders and illustrators. Our network of creative collaborators includes independent agencies as well as an exciting host of international and local talent.

Behind creative force we also have the perfect blend of producers and experienced project managers who specialise in delivering amazing digital work for brands and campaigns. Beyond being great to work with they are committed to your project and improving your campaigns performance.

A company where creative culture is harnessed.

Our studio is a vibrant epicentre where creative expression meets a broad range of artistic, technical and marketing disciplines. We are all about our people, attracting the right projects and making our company a great company to work with. We believe in creating an environment where creativity is stimulated, challenges are set and rewards are shared. We believe in empowering our talent to bring the very best creative and logic to any given project and to meet its objectives directly.

If you have a project, we’d love to have a chat; coffee is always on.

AR-Media Services
Over the years we have gone to war with Martians, stepped into the ring with Coldplay, tracked 9 days through the Sahara desert and enticed a sheep up 6 flights of stairs. All to produce amazing films and content.
  • Live Film Production
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Augmented Reality & Apps
  • Green Screen Studio


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