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About Technocrane Europe

We supply Telescopic Camera Cranes and Remote Heads to the Film and Television Industry. We produce a high quality product which delivers exceptional results. We have been working with Technocranes for over 21 years. So whether it is sales or rentals, we have the experience and expertise to assist you in getting the right product.


What is a Technocrane?
A Technocrane is a telescopic camera crane, which allows the camera to be moved without moving the base. So as well as being able to swing the arm up, down, left and right the arm can telescope in and out. Unlike a standard camera crane, which has a fixed arm length.

The Technocrane has several sections that run on rails. This allows the arm to telescope smoothly and quietly in and out on shot at the press on a button.

As the arm moves out a counter weight system moves the weights back and keeps the crane arm in balance. The smooth movement of the counter weights is very important. Any excess movement in the counter weights causes instability in the arm. At Technocrane Europe we use a linear bearing system which greaty improves stability. Please see our products page for more information on our manufacturing process.


Remote Heads
The Remote Head mounts on the end of the Technocrane. It allows the camera to be moved independently of the crane.
  • On a 2 Axis Head the camera can be panned and tilted, giving 2 Axis of movement.
  • On a 3 Axis Head the camera can be Panned, Tilted and rolled (3rd Axis). The 3rd Axis enables the camera to rotate (Turn upside down).

We supply the Scorpio HD 2 & 3 Axis Head and the 2 Axis Techno Head.

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