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Eye for an Eye Media (i4ni-media) is a west London based video production company offering a comprehensive and competitive range of script-to-screen services to clients, ranging from promotional videos for businesses and services, web content and virals to training videos and short films (drama and comedy). Their expertise also includes mentoring and supporting scriptwriters with their projects. Whether you are looking to devise and develop your script, bring your idea to the screen, or need experienced professionals to handle your video and film making needs, i4ni-media can offer you the expertise you require.

Short comedy about the perils of conforming slavishly to fashion and following celebrities, no matter what they get up to.

Synopsis: Three fashion keen girls meet to discuss their friend's latest plastic surgery. When she arrives to show them they are initially shocked at the results but become envious after they discover the 'enhancement' is vogue amongst celebrities.

Written produced and directed by David Kline and Mark Evans
Prosthetic make-up created by Robb Crafer

Short promo produced, directed and edited by David Kline. This is a brief introduction to the services and expertise offered by Club Twenty Two a private gym based in central London. For more information about Club Twenty Two.

Created as a spec commercial to demonstrate storytelling in a ultra-short form. The concept deals with selling an attitude, doing someone a favour and feeling good about yourself.

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