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Manic Music Productions ltd
01162 422 960
Jed Spittle
Workspaces 26 & 27 - Phoenix Square,
4 Midland Street,

About Manic Music Productions ltd

Manic Music Productions ltd are a diverse group of songwriters and composers based in the East Midlands who have opened a pair of music production suites in Leicester’s Film and Digital Media centre, Phoenix Square, right at the heart of Leicester’s Cultural Quarter.

The team behind the company come from a variety of backgrounds including Band/Artist production and development, scoring for Film/TV/Advertising, and live Theatre work. In their varied careers they have, between them, been signed to BigLife, Universal and Felt music, produced music for companies such as Nike, worked with the Sanctuary music group, the RSC and scored films which have been shown at festivals worldwide including Cannes, San Francisco, Berlin and Greece. They have also had experience of recording and mixing bands in high-end studios and securing production deals with artists.


As well as continuing to both write/produce songs for various clients around the world and score music for Film/TV/Ads etc. they are using their experience and expertise to train and develop talent. They offer a wide range of training packages and services/advice for people looking to progress in the music world.

Training is undertaken on a bespoke one-to-one basis or in a group ''night school'' type environment and can include mastering/mixing/recording techniques, getting the most out of digital audio workstations such as Cubase, Protools or Logic or less IT based packages covering areas such as film scoring, song-writing, audition preparation and vocal coaching.

Their services to Artists/Bands include all aspects of production including online mixing/mastering and music consultancy. Artists they have worked with have been offered deals by management labels such as 19 and Biglife Management and, with the in-house facilities and composers they have at their disposal, their results sound truly high-end.

In addition, Manic Music productions Ltd has an extensive library of production music in all genres for various forms of media and also provides facilities for recording and voice-over work.

Please visit their website for samples and more information.
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