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+44 (0) 207 097 3817
John Fox
22 Upper Ground,
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About Agent Bob Ltd

Agent BOB is a new kind of agency specialising in the management and production of CG images and 3D animation for the entertainment and advertising industries covering TV, movies and print.

 Agent BOB represents specialist CG artists who can work either in a production pipeline or independently, so if you approach Agent BOB with a project, we can provide the best talent to get the job done.

Agent BOB doesn't stop there!
We can manage every aspect of the project on your behalf and view each job with equal importance, no matter how small. 

Unlike conventional talent or CGI artist agents, the team at Agent BOB have over 20 years experience in successfully taking care of the production and management of TV projects, CG for movies, online and print.

What can we do?:
  • CG images for TV, print and advertising.
  • Pre-production CG artists and storyboards.
  • Production management.
  • General retouching and beauty retouching.
  • 3d animation and 3d character design.
  • 2d and 3d artists covering every discipline.
  • CGI Visualisation.
  • Sound FX, music and the recording of voice talent.


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