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London Icon is a creative agency located in West London run by Martin Fausek.

Martin has over 15 years experience as a CG artist since, working in a variety of roles with a broad range of clients.

Martin has worked with the BBC for 9 years as a 3D/VFX and Motion Graphic Designer creating internationally recognised TV graphics, winning numerous awards as a individual and as part of a team, such as the International Interactive Emmy award for BBCi Best Interactive Television Service.

Martin has created a huge variety of title sequences, from BBC TopGear and BBC NEWS as well a branding for BBC Freeview channels and their graphic content.

Martin has worked as a User Experience Designer, and was involved in the prototyping and user testing for iPlayer and it’s branding

Martin’s work has been featured in a range of publications from Computer Arts to 3D World. Martin has also presented, sharing his experience at various conferences.

Martin has a wealth of experience working at advertising agencies, production houses and the BBC giving him great understanding of the whole television production process and a solid understanding of audience needs.

Now as a freelance designer Martin has had the opportunity to work with various clients creating graphics for motion and print.

Martin is proficient in most CG roles, for 3D VFX// CGI he particularly enjoys shading lighting and rendering in artistic and technical (TD) capacities.

Martin has a strong production background in motion graphics and Photoshop photo-real painting which makes him a versatile designer with excellent user content experience.

“Looking for a designer who can create what you and your audience need? Contact Martin!”


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