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About Pinknoise-DSLR Audio Training

Pinknoise Systems is the UK's leading company for DSLR and location sound equipment sales/hire and training. We provide expert knowledge in this field, hand picking and testing all the products we sell. Pinknoise Systems offer great back up and impartial advice on all things location sound and now also hire equipment for short or long terms contracts.

We offer in depth training courses, designed to take the head scratching element out of getting great audio on location. The courses are designed to be practical and suitable for most situations. Working through components employed in the sound recording aspect of shooting DSLR, including different microphone types, why and how? XLR interface boxes, separate recorders, radio mic systems and tips and tricks that can be used for consistently achieving quality sound recording.

With the advent of DSLR Video recording the sound is invariably overlooked or not given the attention it deserves, the “it will do” attitude is one we do not subscribe to. Our intention and aim is to provide the equipment, understanding and training to enable DSLR operators to work their sound rig, trouble shoot and think creatively about recording sound with minimum equipment.

John McCombie, Managing Director of Pinknoise Systems Ltd has many years of experience working as a sound recordist in broadcast and is also a qualified trainer.

The course is designed to give operators the confidence to deal with every day issues associated with the technical and practical aspect of sound recording.

Please contact Pinknoise Systems Ltd on +44 1453 899189 or email

Courses are held monthly in the UK and also bespoke 1 to 1 training is available.

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