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Darren Cullis
64, Ovaltine Court,
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About dc3d

My name is Darren Cullis and I am a 3D Artist / Animator. I am a generalist but specialise in the creation of characters, from modelling through to bringing a character to life through animation. This is where my passion lies.

I started out in the computer graphics industry eleven years ago, where I worked for a small computer games company in the West Midlands. I worked my way up, starting out as a Junior 3D Artist working on Ford Racing for the PC and Playstation, and with time made the move into the Broadcast industry. From here I took on the role as an Animator working on a number of Children’s television series; ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Underground Ernie’ to name a few.

I have been lucky to work on  the feature film ‘Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire’ as a Pre-visualisation Artist, which taught me about the film industry and special effects. From here I have freelanced at numerous companies; Sky, Smoke and Mirrors,The Mill and Passion Pictures working on various high profile projects.

Here are just a few of my previous works

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