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BR Remote is a dynamic, innovative customer focused Company. Delivering both “off the shelf” and “tailored” products make it possible for us to fine tune kit to suit individual needs, enabling us to be extremely competitive. The design ethos is very much from the cameraman’s perspective, due to David previously working in that field.

We produced our first remote pan & tilt head in 1998. It was, of course, analogue. Since then we have moved on a long way to our latest, digital, U-Series remote heads which encompass a host of features and use the latest technologies for smooth, quiet, multi-camera operation.

Our design philosophy is often different from other approaches. We know that equipment gets unplugged accidentally, that computers crash, that data, like audio and video, sometimes breaks up and that instructions get misplaced. We also know that broadcast television equipment often has a hard life and still needs to work on the day. Our equipment is designed to cope with all these things - and more.

We like to make things as compact and integrated as possible, straightforward to operate, and easy to rig with minimum cabling. All this with unrivalled functionality and expandability. All the products we have ever made are compatible with each other and upgradable. This makes our equipment as future-proof as possible.

Other people make good stuff too and we have extensive experience of interfacing with 3rd party equipment: cameras, pan & tilt heads, switchers, recorders etc. to produce fully integrated solutions.

We are very much customer driven and offer a high level of customer service. You only need to speak to our clients to confirm this. Our continual R&D is focused on customer requirements and suggestions. When we decide to develop new products to match customer requests we can deliver fully finished and functioning products within very few weeks. These are usually then supplied to the customer for a specific requirement. However, development doesnt stop there. We continue development and improvements based on the customer feedback and re-engineer all previous units to incorporate these improvements. In this way, early customers are assured of having the latest specification units even though they bought in early.

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