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About Sapex Script Services

Sapex Scripts prepares Post Production Scripts, Dialogue Continuity Subtitle Spotting Lists, Dialogue Lists and access Hard of Hearing (HOH) & Audio Description (AD) for feature films and feature documentaries as well as broadcast TV Transmission scripts.

Sapex started life in 1983 as a script typing, printing and transcription service, moving into Elstree Studios in 1984. With more than 10 years cutting room background, and at the request of a number of independent production companies and Channel 4 / Film 4, Sapex soon added TV Transmission Scripts and Feature Post Production Scripts to our list of services.

Moving swiftly on via years of experience and a multitude of Scripts & Lists for all budgets – please click here for our up-to-date IMDb page – Sapex formats shooting scripts into Final Draft, prepares TV Transmission Scripts for all broadcasters and Combined Dialogue Continuity Subtitle Spotting Lists (CDCSL / CDSL / CCSL) that fulfil delivery schedules for US Studios, Independent Distributors and Sales Cos.

As a natural progression, included in our comprehensive range of services are Hard of Hearing Subtitles (HOH), Audio Description (AD) and Closed Captions.

Sapex is proud to be on the 20th Century Fox list of approved vendors for CDSLs as well as the BFI approved list of suppliers for accessibility elements.

From our unique understanding of shooting scripts and script printing, in 2002 Sapex branched out, creating a ‘sister’ company, The Production Copier Company (PCC), to offer photocopier rental dedicated to the film and TV industries.

What We Do
Everyone seems to abuse the word ‘passionate’ these days – at Sapex we take great pride in everything we do. We’re not corporate, it’s not ‘just’ a film to us. Our aim is to help The Producer, Production Company, Post Production Supervisor, Sales Co and Distributor to ensure that an accurate document is sent worldwide to the censor, dubbing and subtitle territories that will do the job it’s been very carefully designed to do.

Who wants the translation of ‘take a seat’ to be ‘remove the chair’!!

TV Transmission Scripts - Time-coded with Description, Dialogue, FX and Music cues.

FEATURES and DOCUMENTARIES - From start to finish and much more in between.

Format and edit shooting scripts to Final Draft.


Prelim dialogue lists to help translators get running with dubbing and subtitles - updated, in colours (similar to a shooting script), with each picture ‘lock’.

Dialogue Lists specifically for dubbing with spotted ‘grunts, groans and laughs’.

All our spotting lists have Feet and Frame count as well as an offset Time-code to sync with your DCP.

  • Annotated Lists
  • Subtitle Spotting Lists
  • Combined Continuity and Dialogue Lists
  • Dialogue Continuity Subtitle Spotting Lists
  • English language subtitles for foreign dialogue features
  • Dialogue Continuity Lists including foreign dialogue and translations
  • Hard of Hearing (HOH) subtitles and Audio Description (AD)
  • Closed Captions

If what you really, really want is not listed - just ask.

For sample pages and more information please complete the form below or better still please call Sapex on +44 20 8236 1600 or 020 8236 1600 alternatively email:

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