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About Banter Media

Manchester Branding
We have a crack team of Marketing & Branding professionals here at Banter who are acutely tuned into everything that is fresh, current and relevant in today’s world. From the latest internet memes to the most stylish fonts this year – our branding team have got their fingers on the pulse (which is usually found on the internet and not on the neck or wrist these days!). If you are looking for a new advert campaign, help re-branding or ideas for a new promotion then our team will be able to give you some great advice.

Manchester Graphic Design
Need someone to be creative? Perhaps your brand needs a revamp, you need a print advert for your new product, or sometimes you just need a really awesome drawing of yourself riding a dragon to go on your office wall. Our Manchester-based graphic design team has experienced illustrators, Photoshop manipulators and After Effects specialists and can provide you with mind-blowingly creative and unique designs.

Manchester Video Production
We don’t make standard corporate promos, we make promotional videos into mini-blockbusters that don’t break the bank. Imagine if your company had a promotional video that had the impact of Titanic! (Hiring Leonardo does cost extra.) Shot in 1080p High Definition we can show your customers the true beauty of your product or service. Forget Hollywood, hire Banter Media for your video production needs!

Manchester Sound Recording
Are you a musician? Are you Tom Jones? Do you want to be Tom Jones? We can make you sound like Tom Jones! Or help you get that unique sound of your own you’ve been struggling to get in your home studio. Our 48 track Manchester recording studio has everything you need to propel you to musical stardom. We have worked on Mobo nominated albums and our engineers are all musicians themselves. We can also deliver sound recording for voiceover as well as sound design and ADR (additional dialogue recording) for full feature films.

Manchester Web Design
Having a good looking webpage is as important as having a good looking shop front, whether you need web design in Manchester or in the Outer Hebrides it has to look stunning. It will be the first point of call for a lot of your customers and so you want an eye catching design that grabs attention and makes people want to know more. We can create bespoke websites to fit your requirements. Our coders utilise HTML5, CSS3 and WordPress so that you can get online recognition for your business.

Manchester Photography
Pictures tell stories. What story would you like to tell? Our stories tell people about how we took amazing photographs whether it be in our Greater Manchester photography studio or on location at your event and they always finish with a happy 24 MP RAW or high quality JPG ending.

We specialise in band, event and studio photography with a team of talented photographers on staff. We’ve photographed musicians from Tom Delonge to Lights to Deaf Havana and Lower Than Atlantis.


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