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About Perpetual Solutions Training

About the Connected Home Academy
The Connected Home Academy offers four professional certifications and over 35 individual courses to Broadcast, Telco and Connected Home professionals.

The Business Leaders series encompasses six short courses that are designed to give leadership a high level introduction to the technologies and insight into how these technologies can be monetized, and the shape of the current market. The Technical Series offers training starting with technical overviews to deep level ‘hands-on’ engineering courses around classic managed IPTV, unmanaged OTT TV (Over-the-top TV), video encoding and head-end, content protection such as CAS and DRM, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), Access and Core network technologies, Home Area Networking (HAN), Voice over IP (VoIP), Wi-Fi, Femto, and ZigBee. Many industry standards and technologies are covered within this range of training.
  • Connected Home Certified Executive
  • Connected Home Certified Associate
  • Connected Home Certified Professional
  • Connected Home Certified Expert

To learn more click here or contact: [email protected].
The Connected Home Academy is a Perpetual Solutions brand.

What is the Connected Home?
The Connected Home concept will revolutionize the way in which we all live. Homes with high-speed internet access will offer near limitless choice of scheduled (linear) TV and film (Video On Demand) displayed across multiple screens within the home environment. We can also browse the internet, listen to radio, enjoy talking to our friends at little or no cost, receive instant messages and emails, through the same screens we will use to watch TV, plus extend those services wirelessly to handheld devices like phones and tablets.

About Perpetual Solutions
Perpetual Solutions is an established education provider with a specialist range of communications technology training.

Our HQ is in London; however, our pool of 450+ specialist instructors deliver training in over 60 countries. We achieve high standards and quality in everything we deliver, from customer service to post-delivery, with a multinational team that embraces diversity at its core.

We deliver education programs via public schedule and also direct to clients' sites across the UK, USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia/Pacific regions.

What our Customers say

“The instructor's knowledge is fantastically broad and deep!”
Vice President, ABS-CBN

“An excellent course, one of the best I have attended for IP training, covering a very wide range of topics.”
MCR Manager, Sky TV New Zealand

"Very good overview of technologies new and old.”
Broadcast Engineer, Formula 1


Company News

Perpetual Solutions now Authorized to Deliver ONF SDN Exams

Perpetual Solutions is now an ONF approved training organization, recognized to deliver knowledge that prepares candidates for the ONF-Certified SDN Associate certification (OCSA-110). The aim of this global certification is to validate knowledge of foundational concepts in SDN.

We recommend our SDN & NFV 2-day course (PWL400) combined with Engineering SDN & NFV (PWL402) courses in order to attain the knowledge you need to pass the OCSA-110 exam. When combined these courses will prepare you to not only take the exam but crucially to understand your roadmap towards NFV and SDN, discuss relevant industry use cases and competing vendor approaches.

Perpetual Solutions can provide the exam as an integral part of our course or you may sit the exam at an external location via secured login and web cam proctor. Exam Fees range from 120 – 160 Euros depending on exam method and if you are an ONF member.

For more detailed information on the course and the exam please see our SDN Skills Certification page.

About the ONF

The ONF (Open Networking Foundation) is a user-driven organization dedicated to the promotion and adoption of Software Defined Networking through open standards development. ONF emphasizes an open, collaborative development process that is driven from the end-user perspective. Their signature accomplishment to date is introducing the OpenFlow® Standard, which enables remote programming of the forwarding plane. The OpenFlow® Standard is the first SDN standard and a vital element of an open software-defined network architecture.
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