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2002 live music package

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2002 live music package
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About 2002 live music package

2002 Studios is a music production company that offers a variety of different products. The recording studios offer a professional experience at a reasonable price. As well as offering complete music production facilities including mastering and online mastering, the studios also help facilitate putting together complete multi-media projects.
2002 Studios have recently focused attention on producing live music and video. The studio is now involved with community music such as church and gospel music. Working alongside 2002 Studios on this new venture is the talented arranger and producer, Jeff Mayo. Jeff has over 20 years experience of the music business. Having worked a number of years in Hollywood with many of music’s biggest names also recording and producing Christian projects in and around America - Los Angeles, Jeff is now involved with UK projects. With his musical knowledge and talent, experience in the field of choirs and gospel music and the combined music expertise of 2002 studios, we can produce exciting music projects.
2002 Studios also offer live packages. These packages can result in either a professional DVD or CD of your live performance. These packages are designed to cater for the needs of bands, or soloists who perform with large bands and choirs. 2002 Studios can supply the staff, audio equipment and AV/camera people required to make the event work. Additionally the physical media at the end can be supplied if it is required.
2002 Studios also offer services for those that want to record only in the studio. The packages are suited to a host of people, from the soloist and singer/ songwriter to church bands and choirs. The packages are developed for people who wish to bring their own songs to life or produce covers of famous Gospel songs. The music packages vary and can be made adjustable to suite specific needs. Packages include recording time, editing, mixing and sessions of musician time for ‘live’ instruments. The option to produce multiple CD or DVD copies is available. All projects will be professionally mastered to produce a quality end product.

It doesn’t end there!
DVD packages include dress rehearsals for live performances, lighting for video of stage and audience, multiple camera shoots and much more.
At all times you will be working alongside a professional team. Being part of the team, Jeff Mayo will bring his music and media knowledge into the projects. With his own personal songs already released, Jeff knows what it’s like to be in the artist’s ‘shoes’. He knows how important it is to end up with a quality end product.
For more information about these packages visit 2002 Studio’s website!
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