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Jason Shepherd
8 Golden Square,
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About Widescreen Broadcast Group

Widescreen is a small independent company, a family of friends and companions, making good programmes properly. We consistently aim for high values, from our biggest production like The World Music Awards, which was seen by up upwards of 1 billion viewers over 160 broadcasters, to the smallest ones like the corporate business projects we undertake.

It doesn't matter if we make it ourselves or if we help others to make it, we're just happy doing it.

Our technical and production backgrounds allow us to get involved with the mechanics and budgets, as well as the creativity and flair.

Our Services
  • Camera equipment hire
    (HD thru to DV)
  • Crew hire
    (the best crews in the industry)
  • Multi camera shoots
  • Hi Definition multi camera shoots
  • Mini and hidden camera shoots
  • Aerial shoots
  • Underwater shoots
  • Grip equipment
  • Lighting equipment
  • Sound equipment
  • Production consultants
  • Lighting and production design
  • Production management
  • Film and video production
  • Special events management

Recent Projects include:

TV lighting design and installation, tour and TV camera team leader and crewing (Jason Shepherd).

Bryan Adams
The largest music film shoot in over a decade using 390 rolls of film. TV Stadium lighting design, camera equipment and technical consultant (Jason Shepherd).

Britain's Worst Celebrity Driver
Technical consultants, camera equipment and crewing.
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