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About Felt Music Library

Natalie Dickens and Steve Spiro formed Felt in 2004. Having already cut their teeth in the music business for many years, they decided to create a totally unique music company, equipped to deal with the ever-increasing demands that are placed on music companies, especially in the world of advertising..

Felt offers a complete music service including searches, synchronisation, composition, licensing and negotiation. Where we are different is the way in which we interact with a music brief. We pool our resources as music supervisors with those of our represented labels, artists and publishers to approach all projects from a number of angles and ensure that no stone is left unturned in sourcing or creating the best possible piece of music for any campaign. We also draft in well known commercial artists to assist in high profile music searches where their expertise and unique record collections can be the source of that elusive perfect track.

Our roster of artists, composers, sound designers, record labels and publishers is second to none. It is a vast and colourful palette and a complete creative resource for the musical requirements of any production company or creative agency.

Felt is situated in the heart of Soho, complete with client presentation suite, VO recording studio, music library and production office. Please feel free to drop in and say hello if you’re in the area.
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