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Pedestal Tv - Polecam Camera Operator
07747 043 911
07747 043 911
Chris Taber
Polecam Operator,
Wesley House,
Duffryn Rd,
NP8 1NT,

About Pedestal Tv - Polecam Camera Operator

If you need a camera crane that is lightweight, easy to relocate and available in HD or SD, 2D or 3D and even underwater, then you need a Polecam!

Polecam is a unique, single operator camera crane  and is designed specifically to be lightweight and very transportable. It rigs in under 15 minutes and de-rigs in less than 10 allowing multiple re-positioning unlike conventional jibs.


Pedestal Television utilizes the Toshiba HD Minicam to provide native 16:9, 1080i pictures of a quality never before achieved by such a small camera head.

The remote pan and tilt head is operated with a joystick and allows full 360 degree control.

The length of the carbon fibre pole is configurable by the number of sections slotted together from 1.5 to 8 metres (5 to 26 feet) and this length can be reconfigured quickly during a shoot, without tools.

Although any recorder that has an HD SDI input is compatible with the Polecam system, Pedestal TV recommends the Flash XDR. This cost effective unit records up to 6 hours of HD video onto Compact Flash cards and considerably reduces the cost of hiring the larger tape based HD recorders. At the end of a shoot footage is simply downloaded to the clients laptop or external hard drive. For further information regarding the Flash XDR please click here...

Chris Taber of Pedestal Television is a cameraman with 20 years experience and has been operating Polecam for over 9 years, making him one of the UKs leading operators. He is based in Mid Wales and has operated on a wide range of programmes from motor racing to music festivals.


Pedestal Television now has a full 3d Polecam rig available.

Utilising 2 Toshiba cameras, two Flash XDR units for location recording and a Stereo Brain we are able to offer Anaglyph, side by side and linear 3D formats. Due to the small size of the cameras there is no need for the complicated mirror rig required for the bigger cameras, the Toshibas simply sit side by side.

Engineering control of up to 5 cameras is available via the Polecam control panel, allowing Polecam to slot in neatly in a multi camera OB. Pedestal Television has been involved in many 3D productions with some of the leading producers in the UK.

Recent credits include Keane, Live from Abbey Rd 19 Productions, This groundbreaking project was the worlds first live 3D event to be broadcast on the internet.

Derren Brown Magic Objective Productions, as part of the Channel 4s 3D week PTV were involved in the recording of magi shows and links in the Science Museum.

French Football working with 3D producers, Can Communicate, we filmed the Lyon v Paris S,G match.
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