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Squadease - military props
Paul Clark

About Squadease - military props

Squadease, the Military division of Polease will be happy to provide a competitive quote for all your Army, Navy, Air Force, or other forces filming requirements.

We are able to call upon a number of ex-forces members to help you develop and deliver your filming project. Squadease personnel have experience of working with actors, weapons, vehicles and canine actors. All are experienced in assisting UK film and television productions.

Squadease can provide your production with:
  • Technical Advisors

  • Script Reading & Analysis Consultants

  • Costume Consultants

  • Tactical Choreographers

  • Firearms Safety & On-Set Assistance

  • SFX Consultants in conjunction with a Home Office approved contractor

We can help productions to source accurate items and professional services by recommending armourers and suppliers of props, costume and action vehicles as well as other specialist services according to budgets and requirements.

Actors, Supporting Artistes, Walk On's & Background Artistes
Whether you are seeking personnel in dress uniform or camouflage wear, Squadease can provide professional people for your production who look the part in accurate costume and authentic equipment.

Northern Section
Barry Philips
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Paul Clark
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