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Plunge Creations Ltd
01273 423014
Plunge Team
Unit 3,
Bestwood Works,
Drove Road, Portslade,
BN41 2PA,

About Plunge Creations Ltd

Plunge Creations is a prop maker and set builder. From our large workshop and studios, we produce all manner of props, costumes and sets for the TV and film industry. We have the facilities in-house to take your creative ideas from concept design and fabrication, right through to installation.

Be it carpentry, metal work, sculpting, fibreglassing, mould making, animatronics, puppetry, food sculpture, paint spraying, flocking, electronics, fabric work, to name but a few, we are set up for it all.

Most importantly, we are industry experienced and passionate about producing high quality work.
You dream it... We'll make it.


Company News

Darling & Edge: Giant Shaun The Sheep

Darling and Edge commissioned Plunge to make a 3m tall Shaun The Sheep as part of the marketing campaign for the Shaun The Sheep Film premiering this weekend. Installed on the Southbank, the Shaun the Sheep prop will be there for the next few days until it goes on tour. So keep your eyes peeled, who knows where Shaun will show up next…. possibly coming to a field or city near you.
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