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Stephen Foote - Underwater Cameraman

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Stephen Foote - Underwater Cameraman
07831 857399
Stephen Foote
BH19 2NP,

About Stephen Foote - Underwater Cameraman

Stephen Foote - Lighting Cameraman, DoP. Specialist in Marine and Underwater filming +44 (0)7831857399. Although I shoot predominantly on terra firma, I do specialise in underwater filming, and as such have shot many underwater sequences for television dramas, feature films and commercials

London based freelance cameraman specialising in documentaries, lifestyle, current affairs, news, sport, travel and light entertainment programmes, on location.

Also competent in studio and O.B. work.


Should We Be Afraid of the Russians? (dir Roger Corke)
(1x30minutes BBC1) TX October 2008

What Really Sank the Mary Rose? (dir Howard Foster)
(1x60minutes Red Lobster for the Historym Channel) TX November 2008

The Thames Project (dir Brendan Hughes)

Underwater Sequences
(2 x 60 minutes Touch Productions for BBC2)

Dangerous Toys - Dispatches (dir Karen Edwards)
(1x60 minutes Quicksilver Media for Channel 4)

Illegal Immigrants (dir Howard Bradburn)
(2 x 40 minutes BBC1)

Dogfighting Undercover (dir AndrewBell/Roger Corke)
(1x60minutes BBC1) TX October 2007

Bafta nomination for best current affairs documentary 2008

Panorama - The High price of Gas (dir Angeli Mehta)
(1x40 minutes, BBC1)

The Beautiful Bung - Corruption in World Football (dir Roger Corke)
(1 x 40 minutes BBC1)

Saudi Strategic Storage Programme (dir Barney Broom)
(1 x 20 minute corporate – HDCAM)

La Legion Etrangere (dir Elisabeth Nord)
(1 x 10 minute pilot for 3 1 hour docs – Digi beta)

The State of the Apes (dir Ted Oakes)
(1x30 min BBC Natural History Unit for BBC2 TX December 2005)

Time Team – Big Roman Dig (dir Claire Slessor)
(6 x 2 minute VT inserts, TX July 2005)

Pets are People (dir Phillipa Robinson)
(2x30 min Blast Films for BBC Tx autumn 2005)

Whistleblowers - Railways (dir Roger Corke)
(1 x 60 min BBC1 Tx 11/2004)

Who Killed Kirsty McColl? (dir Olivia Lichtenstein)
(1x60min Working Women Films for BBC4/BBC2 Tx 2004)

Trouble at the Top – Celebrity Hair (Dir Kate Middleton)
(BBC 1x40min Digi )

'Fighting the War' (dir Neil Grant/ Paul Dwyer)
(BBC documentary series TX June/July 2003)
(RTS nomination Factual Photography)

The Trouble with Sleep (dir Emma Hindley)
(BBC 1x 60min TX July 2003)

Seroxat – Emails from the Edge
(1x40 min BBC Panorama dir Andy Bell Tx May 2003)
(RTS programme Nomination 2004)

Corporate for Saudi Aramco Oil
(1x9 min Creative Media)

Anatomy of September 11 (prod. Eammon O’Connor)
(1x120min Granada/New York Times Tv for A&E USA Tx 9/11/02)

Bin Ladens Biological Threat (dir. Mike Smith)
(1x40 min BBC)

Working Girls
(6x30min LWT dir. Michelle Carlisle, Tx 2003)

(1x60 min BBC dir. Andy Bell TX April 2002)

The Science of Sport - Golf
(1x50min United for National Geographic dir. Penny Beeston)

The Science of Sport – Tennis
(1x50min United for National Geographic dir. Georgina Harvey)

Terror in America - The British Victims and Survivors
(1x50 min BBC dir. Steve Condie)

The Secrets of the Black Diaries
(1x60 min Blakeway for BBC dir. Paul Tilzley Tx March 2002)

Jules Sylvesters' Ten Most Dangerous Animals in Africa
(1x60 min Partridge Films for Discovery dir. Penny Beeston)

Jules Sylvesters Five Wildest Animals in the Wild West
(1x60 min Partridge for Discovery dir. Penny Beeston )

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