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Music Manic Publishers
James Michael
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Music Manic Publishers

This company has been formed to supply the current T.V. shows being made, mainly in America, plus some independent shows in the U.K.

We have contact with the top producers within the U.S.A and U.K who are looking for all types of budget music. We also have contact with people involved in some of the biggest music companies.

If you feel you write music that's is as good as what you hear,or may have an alternate edge, we would be happy to hear your music. You may email a show reel and, if accepted and if you agree to the terms of the contract, we will ask you to send us a CD(16bit-44.1K, data files) containing your music.

The market we are involved in requires good quality budget music. This is where we come in.

We are looking to create an 'across the board' library of different genres which will be distributed and managed accordingly within the industry.

The advantage this stand alone publishing company will have over the majors, is that the music it controls, will be directly given to all the major contacts it has and will have a direct and controlled handling, rather than a lucky dip treatment most publishing companies give.

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