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Unit 1.16,
The Paintworks Bath Road,

About Giggle VFX

Giggle Visual Effects is a boutique visual effects facility specialising in CG environments and 2D invisible effects. We provide a complete service from script breakdown, budgeting and concept design through to delivery, including on-set supervision when required.

Working with supervisors, producers and directors on all stages of the visual effects process, Giggle are focused on VFX for Television and pride ourselves on our easy, flexible and cost effective service.

We are currently the preferred supplier for BBC's Casualty. A lot of what we do is invisible, removing mistakes, cleaning shots, fixing problems but the rest is very visible. Scene extension, crashes and explosions, water and smoke enhancements, deformation of vehicles, cuts, bruises and stopping dead people breathing.

We use Maya, NukeX and After effects, the film industry standard tools for compositing and 3D scene extension work.

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