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Twoears Audio Post Production
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Soren Andersen
23 Warren Avenue,
West London,
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About Twoears Audio Post Production

Twoears Post is Chiswick’s premier TV post production facility offering a host of bespoke services to production companies, creative agencies and TV networks.
With light and spacious sound studios and edit suites, our facilities are a sanctuary for producers of all kinds of media in West London. For our overseas clients we offer bridging via source connect® and source live® as well as fast FTP/Cloud transfers. Being one of the early adopters and proponents of file-based workflows our portfolio spans wide in terms of projects and style but also in terms of geography.

Award winning sound design is only the beginning. Over the years Twoears Post has gained a reputation of consistently delivering great sound, on brief, on time, and on budget.
Two Protools HD Suites boast massive sound effect libraries and are capable of mixing everything from simple 30 second stereo recordings to multilingual 5.1 surround sound features.
We have extensive experience with multi-lingual dubbing, re-voicing and multi channel promotions. And our voice over booth fits up to two artists in direct view from the control room.
Our clients come to Twoears Post for peace of mind – knowing that their projects are in safe hands, and that our rate card is as transparent as our mixes.

Twoears Post has evolved from an award winning Audio facility to now offer state of the art editing and graphics.
The Edit suites are capable of both HD and SD editing with powerful grading, and with ample dedicated storage your project can be kept at full resolution from start to finish. We also offer up 4 offline suites with dedicated production office space.
Expanding on the streamlined service that our clients have come to expect in our sound studio, we offer browser copies of projects to speed up the approval process, and can deliver to any broadcast specification – be it tape or file based.
Despite being experts in broadcast, we also have vast experience in Webcasts, enhanced Youtube formats and alternative digital formats.

Our portfolio of bespoke music is vast.
Composing music in a range of genres, we can create a unique sound for your project… whether it be a 5 second sting, a 30 second “sound alike” piece, or an original theme for a feature.
Our experience extends from television idents, to channel branding, documentary scores, to commercial music production, mix and mastering.
And the whole exercise may be a lot more cost effective than you think. Next time you find yourself trawling through online music search engines, give us a call, and see if we can give your project that something special.


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