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The Showreel - Voiceover workshops London
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Jean-Paul Orr
22-24 Torrington Place,
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About The Showreel - Voiceover workshops London

Want to 'get into' voiceovers, but have no idea where to start? Then this voice-over workshop class is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Voiceover Workshop
Here are just some of the things you’ll learn in our invaluable voiceover class.

  • How to get started as a voice artist without wasting your time or money.

  • The “insider” techniques used by professional voice actors. Most of these you won’t find on any other workshop.

  • How to do voiceover from just about anywhere in the world.

  • Learn what you need to know before you produce your demo.

  • How to get a voice agent and how to market yourself as a voice artist, as well as the latest tips and techniques for marketing yourself online

  • Plenty of On-Mic time. Get behind the microphone and find out once and for all if voiceover work is for you.

  • Individual honest professional feedback guaranteed.

If you’re serious about really learning what it takes to succeed as a voice artist and want to find out once- and-for- all if you have what it takes, then this workshop is perfect for you.

Planet Voiceover.
Imagine this - One morning the phone rings and guess what, it just happens to be someone from a top London Ad Agency. They’ve just found you online at “Casting Call Pro” or somewhere similar, listened to your demo and they’ve decided that they want you to be the voice for their new radio and TV campaign. FAB!
So, you arrive at the studios, have a quick read-through of the script and before you know it, your in the booth, “Cans On” ready to record. Five takes later, your client has what they need, and then you’re off to your next gig.
Hey, you just earned hundreds of pounds for less than an hours work. A Right Result...

Meanwhile back on Earth...
Whatever your personal reasons for thinking about “getting into” voiceovers here at The Showreel, our answer is always the same.
“No voice artist plans to fail, they fail to plan.
In order to have any chance in today’s lucrative voiceover industry, you’ve got to have some form of training before you produce your demo and get that dream call. Otherwise you will fail!

Why choose us?
We’ve taught: news readers, after dinner speakers, sales reps, teachers, actors, DJs, dentists, presenters, vets, lawyers, painters, bio-chemists and even Concord pilots and have come to understand that just because people tell you 'you’ve got a good sounding voice' doesn’t mean you should drop everything and make a showreel.

Over the last 20 years we’ve seen and pretty much heard it all and are willing to share our knowledge with you to help you get started. After all, you only get one chance to 'get it right'.

This “heads up” will give you that “head start” you’ll need if you’re truly serious about making money in voiceovers.

It’s a serious decision you are about to make. We suggest you at least learn the basics before you spend your hard-earned money on a demo you may never use.

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