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About Wilderness Films India Ltd

We specialise in the export of television software from India. Make us part of your production plans in India and South Asia, and we will deliver the finest and widest range of production, gear, location and support services to you in the region. We can open doors that no one else can: creative, aesthetic, bureaucratic, and most importantly, those in the mind.


1 X Sony F23 camera with SRW1 / SRPC 1 kit
2 X Sony DVW 790WSP Digi Beta PAL camera
2 X Sony DVW 700P Digi Beta PAL cameras
8 X Sony DVW 700WSP Digi Beta PAL cameras
1 X Sony HDW 750P HDCAM camcorder
3 X Sony HDW 730S HDCAM camcorders
3 X Sony HDW F900 HDCAM Cine Alta camcorders, with down-convertor boards.
2 X PDW 700 XDCAM HD brand new camcorders, with HDVF 20a Sony HD viewfinders
1 X Sony HVR S270 HDV camcorder with ACM 17 adaptor for using HJ22 and HJ11 lenses on it!
1 X Sony HVR Z7P with ACM 17 adaptor for using HA13 and HA22 lenses on it!
2 X Sony FX1 HDV camcorders
2 X Sony FX7E HDV camcorders
4 X Sony DSR 500WSP and DSR 570WSP DVCAM camcorders
2 X Canon XL1S PAL cameras
1 X Sony TRV 900E PAL 3 CCD Mini DV camera
1 X Sony VX1000E PAL 3 CCD Mini DV camera
1 X Sony BVP7P broadcast camera with CA3A camera adaptor
1 X Sony BVW 400AP PAL Beta SP camcorder
2 X Sony BVW 400 NTSC Beta SP camcorders
2 X Sony BVW 400P PAL Beta SP camcorders
4 X Sony BVW 300AP PAL Beta SP camcorders
4 X Sony BVW 200P PAL Beta SP camcorders
Sony BVW 507 Beta SP camcorder, with BVV5P Beta SP recorder
Sony BVV5P Beta SP docking recorder (8 pieces)
1 X Sony TRV 120E Digital 8 camcorder
3 X Canon XM1E Mini DV camcorders
1 X Sony PD150 NTSC DVCAM camcorder
1 X Sony PD150P PAL DVCAM camcoder
1 X Sony DSR 200P DVCAM camcorder
3 X Ikegami HC 390 broadcast camera
3 X Sony DXC 537AP 3 CCD professional cameras
1 X Panasonic AJ-HDC27 Varicam HD camera (new version with low hours)
10 X DXC D35P camera with 19x lens, base plate and viewfinder (great condition)
10 X DXC D30P camera with 16x lens and viewfinder (good condition)
1 X Panasonic HVX 200E NTSC camcorder with 16 GB and 32 GB P2 cards
5 X Panaronic HVX 202 PAL brand new camcorders with P2 cards
5 X Panasonic P2 HD AG HPX502 brand new camcorders
5 X Panasonic AG-HPX 172 brand new camcorders
10 X Panasonic brand new P2 cards of 16, 32 and 64 GB