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Peter Larter
Prompting House,
Buntsford Hill Business Park,
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About Prompting Plus Ltd

We offer the widest range of prompting services available north of London & the South East. With many years of experience - working in every area of the media where a script is involved – we know how important it is that everything runs smoothly and looks totally professional to all audiences everywhere. And with audiences now larger and, due to the web, able to view every public performance more quickly and frequently than ever before - we are busier than ever.

We also know that every presentation and appearance is unique - so our services are always tailored to your exact requirements.

To discuss how we can help simply call us for an informal, no-obligation chat. We will then provide a bespoke costing to fit, comfortably, your exact requirements.

'For People With Something To Say'

Products / Services / Credits

  • Autocue services
  • Teleprompting Services for Video and Broadcast TV
  • Autocue & Teleprompter Solutions for Television, Video and Conferences
  • Autocue and teleprompting services for live events.
  • Teleprompting UK
  • Autocue UK
  • Bespoke autocue and teleprompting solutions
  • Autocue and Teleprompting Services for Concerts & Events
  • Autocue for Live TV News
  • Autocue for Studio Productions
  • Autocue for Outside broadcasts
  • Autocue for Location and exterior shoots
  • Autocue for Interview set-ups
  • Autocue for Steadicam, hand-held & jib mounts
  • Autocue for TV quiz shows
  • Autocue for Awards ceremonies & shows

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Company News

Testimonial Andrew Longhurst, Managing Director at MultiMedia Outsourcing UK Ltd

"I have worked with Peter's company several times, using them to provide autocue services for video shoots. Prompting Plus personnel have made a big difference to the throughput of video shot helping us to almost double the amount of footage shot in a day and Peter has made our every interaction delightful and simple and at a very reasonable cost. If you shoot film or video you really should be using his services. Highly recommended"
Andrew Longhurst, Managing Director at MultiMedia Outsourcing UK Ltd
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