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07951 571684

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Welcome to Tellyheads

Tellyheads are a professional television design and edit company, specialising in documentary and news programming.

We take footage from the best cameramen, and narrative from the best scriptwirters, and using our vast array of editing and graphics equipment turn what would otherwise be a dry and mundane production into something far more slick, memorable, and above all, entertaining.

We have broadcast credits via our clients on a vast array of productions, ranging from Sky News to Al Jazeera International, and from BBC One to Warner Brothers and Disney.

In addition to editing pictures, we also produce bespoke music for our programmes.

Currently we are editing and providing soundtracks for a number of documentaries due for broadcast in the next few months. was created at the beginning of 2007, as a way of displaying various pieces of work to potential and existing clients.

With 15 years in direct broadcast television production for a range of channels all over the globe, we felt it was time to make the leap from freelance consultancy and technical talent agency to a fully branded web-based presence.

We can take care of the entire programme-making process, from initial research and site recce, to the purchase or hire of equipment, to the shooting, the editing, the post production, the soundtrack, and the mastering for transmission.

What we do
We are scriptwriters, cameramen, editors, musicians, directors, producers and transmission engineers, so it might be quicker to list the things we can't do!

In a nutshell, we usually shoot to order short films that might feature interviews, such as corporate films or news items, then shoot the relevant accompanying material, then we edit it together to an original piece of music, giving the client complete freedom to sell and distribute without fear of contravening copyright law, as they own the entire concept and content.
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