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About The Pixel Farm Ltd

The Pixel Farm is a UK based company formed in 2002 to provide innovative collaborative solutions for digital composting and film special effects.

The management team have extensive experience in developing some of the world's leading 2D and 3D effects systems in film, video and interactive entertainment. With a strong focus on research and development, The Pixel Farm works closely with its customers on key projects to ensure product development and fully matches the needs of the production environment. By utilising its industry experience and working with some of the best researchers and developers in the world The Pixel Farm ensures it is not only one step ahead of the competition but also innovative in its response to problems.

What we do:-

Applications developed by The Pixel Farm are designed from the ground up to provide flexible, efficient and open solutions to allow users in the DI and VFX environments to analyze, display and create image and meta data to repurpose back into a totally collaborative, cross facility production environment. Our applications are designed and developed around the complexities associated with long-form projects and the rapidly evolving digital content creation process but are equally designed to be simple to use and exploit.

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