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Kevin Sarbutts
20 – 22 Wenlock Road,
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About Dine In Style Caterers

Film & Location Catering Services
Dine in Style are excited to announce the return and revamp our Film and Location services.

We now have a comprehensive TV and film catering operation. We provide a reliable and professional location catering service for a range of needs.
  • TV Catering
  • Film Catering
  • Commercials
If you’d like to enquire about your production, then please get in touch. You can email us at or call us 24/7 on 07961 552524.

Food Stall Services
As well as catering on set, we have a number of street food services available. As a result, we can provide creative solutions round the clock on set.

Flexible & Reliable Location Catering
On long, tough days on set, we know how important meals and refreshments are to cast and crew alike.

You will always see new dishes rather than the same rotating menus. Our chefs are creative and simply love making bespoke dishes or looking after the most demanding of clients in a way that see them always ask for our return.

With timings, diets and locations always differing, we are happy to adapt to the varying needs of our clients. Our service can be tailored to the specific requirements of your production.

In our years of catering across festivals, TV, film and touring we’ve come across just about every situation or problem there is both adapted and learnt from them.

Our philosophy is clean, fast and effective food. The location catering food industry has long forgotten its basic fundamental responsibilities of which we pride ourselves on in all practices. We love food, we love people that love food and above all we give food the respect it deserves.

We aim to be as biodegradable as possible via charitable food centres and or food industrial centres that covert food waste into renewable energies. We have managed every possible food allergen you can discover and honoured each and everyone of them respectively.

We welcome all specific dietary and nutritional requirements without exception.

And what makes us different? We care!

Clients and Experience
Throughout the years we have had the pleasure of working with and serving food to Tom Hardy, Will Smith, Naomi Scott, Guy Ritchie, Gareth Evans, BD Wong and Chris Coleman to name but a few!

For further information about any of our catering options or to enquire about hiring Dine In Style for your event, please Get in Touch with our bookings team

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