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Archer Street Studios
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Gavin Weatherall
10-11 Archer Street,
London UK,
South of England,
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The Rigging Partnership specializes in the practical realization of production design and operation and assists clients in achieving and maintaining adherence to critical requirements. TRP works with particular emphasis on specialist rigging which includes counterweight flying, automated effects, performer flying, access at height, Safe Systems of Work and the suspension of trussing, scenery, lighting, AV and sound equipment, as well as our new 3D FlyWire camera flying system.

FlyWire systems allow complete control of a camera or object in any 3D space. The system provides repeatable flight paths, simple and quick programming and easy set up either indoors or outdoors with the capacity to cover a variety of areas.

The Rigging Partnership strives to unite modern technologies and working practices while respecting the integrity of the client's artistic need, a venue's work practices, advanced technical specification. We also aim to ensure that current legislation and regulations are met.

Flywire, tracking cameras, aerial cameras, flying performer flying, stunt harnesses, camera flying, automation wire rig.
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