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Maybank Studios
+44 (0) 141 4298822
Matt Harvey
654 Eglington Street,
G5 9RP,

About Maybank Studios

Welcome to Maybank Studios
Maybank Studios is a dedicated recording studio in the southside of Glasgow with over 1200 square feet of studio space. With 2 main recording rooms in addition to 2 isolation booths and a large control room, we can accommodate most recording projects.

We also offer a mobile recording studio which is available throughout Scotland for those wishing to capture live events, or facilitate recording in acoustic spaces outwith the studio environment.

Studio equipment includes AMEK Classic large format console, Neve, Focusrite and Avalon mic pres, mics from Neumann, Gefell, AKG and Manley, Pearl Masters Series drumkit, vintage Hammond C3 and L100, and much more.

The Studio
There is over 1200 sq ft of recording space, made up of 2 live areas, a large control room and 2 isolation booths. All the rooms have direct visual contact with the control room, and the two live rooms link visually to each other via CCTV.

The studio space is well equipped for all types of recording work, with several different acoustic spaces. We have an ideal setup for live recording of acoustic or electric bands, with complete separation due to our complement of different rooms and booths.

We are constantly expanding the studio equipment to give you the very best from your recording..

We have installed Protools HD, with 32 analogue ins and outs, and taken delivery of 2 Prism sound Orpheuses for 16 channels of the very best digital conversion money can buy!
Location of Maybank Studios