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Sandra Singer
I have been an agent for 25 years. My past career choices have almost been my apprenticeship for the launch of Sandra Singer Associates With my previous background in Advertising, Sales. P.R, Corporate Entertainment. I was head-hunted to join a brand new radio station 10 months before it went on air. My initial responsibility was to secure the advertising revenue to launch the station locally. When I left 5 years later I was employed as Sales, Promotions and PR Manager of Essex Radio. I have always loved a challenge.

I had the pleasure of working and being mentored by "Mr Radio" Eddie Blackwell, who was such an amazing inspiration to me. I remember telling him I was thinking of starting my own company to which he replied "He was surprised it had taken me so long". So that's how my journey to being self employed really all started.

A couple of my first projects were:

I staged the very first Mobil Oil Jazz Festival with headline artistes Cleo Laine and John Dankworth, National Youth Jazz Orchestra, It was my complete vision and concept. I suggested the project to the London branch of Mobil Oil. The event was given the go ahead to my delight, and was staged at my suggestion at Tilbury Fort which is owned by The National Trust. It was the first time they had ever used a venue like that for an event on this scale. Plus, the forefront of things to come.

Was another original concept, and a big project of mine staged in Essex at The Cliffs Pavilion. It was an exhibition in the 80's which was for females only and it took the form of exhibition stands, centered around a massive white stage, on which there was a different form of entertainment all day for the 4 days of the show. Including Fashion Shows, Fitness Exhibitions, Make Up Demo's, Hairdressing, Beauty, Make-Overs, Flower Arranging, and the topic changed all the time. There was even the Essex Heat of Miss Great Britain there during the weekend. Sponsored by the Evening Echo Newspaper.

I was also very fortunate to have worked with some of the leading stores and fashion houses, providing Dancer/Models, Choreographers, Set Design, Designers, etc.

My School - I decided very early on that I would keep my school to just one main school, no branches, or franchising. I like to oversee the training myself, and attend every week. I can't abide precocious children, its so unattractive so when someone gets a fab job we have a 'Well Done assembly' then its back to training. That's why the children who train with me are so grounded, and just great talented young performers. Which is what I am for. I like to get know all my students well, so that when the castings come up in my offices I know all the strengths of all my clients and artistes capabilities and personalities. So that when we submit for breakdowns the ideal people are sent for the job. Its never about the quantity of artistes we submit - always the suitability.

I have been told by lots of industry professionals that I have the largest boys school too in the industry, we have usually almost 40% of our students are boys!

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