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Redapple Television Facilities Ltd - Crew Hire
+44 (0) 1483 455044
Nigel Reynolds
214 Epsom Road,
GU1 2RA,

About Redapple Television Facilities Ltd - Crew Hire

Redapple was founded in 1981 by 4 times Emmy® Award winning cameraman Nigel Reynolds and is today one of the longest surviving PSC Facilities Companies in the country.

With a seemingly endless list of production credits, Redapple crews are fully experienced in all types of filming and in all types of situations, whether for Broadcast or for Blue Chip Corporates, and are able to travel worldwide.

Redapple use some of the most experienced freelance PSC lighting cameramen & sound recordists available and can provide footage in any format (Digi Beta, DV Cam, High Definition, PAL or NTSC, 16:9, 14:9 or 4:3).

Redapple is conveniently based just 10 minutes from the M25, 40 minutes from Gatwick and Heathrow and only 60 minutes from Central London.

Our fully equipped crew vehicles provide ample travelling space for shooting crew plus up to 3 production staff making moving the crew about in a busy city very easy.

Redapple can supply a wide variety of equipment, depending upon the type of shoot and the production requirement.

A standard Redapple PSC Crew Vehicle contains:

Camera body (as per shoot requirements)
Standard 'Long' Lens
Wide Angle Lens
Tripod & Zoom Control
Matte box & filters (if required)
Camera Wet Weather Kit
Full compliment of batteries
9'' Sony HD Monitor
7'' LCD monitor & microwave link
PSC Lighting Kit (Redheads / Blondes / 650's)
Lighting stands
Ample supplies of gels and other lighting supplies
4 Channel Location mixer (SQN / Sound Devices)
2 x broadcast quality radio mic tx's / rx's
Rifle mic (Sennheiser MKH416 or similar)
Rycote & boom
Walkie Talkies
All necessary cables.

Additional equipment available:
Minicams, track & dolly, micro dolly, jibs, night vision lenses, steadicam, audio mixing consoles, multi-track digital recorders, full duplex talkback systems, etc, etc.

Redapple crews are particularly experienced in multi-camera PSC shoots and can supply all the necessary 'gallery' style audio/visual monitoring and communications equipment required.

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