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Crawley Creatures
01280 815300
Jez Harris (Director)
Swan Business Centre,
Osier Way,
Prosthetics animatronics Film and TV UK,
MK18 1TB,
England UK

About Crawley Creatures

With over 25 years in the Film & TV industry, we have worked on many high profile Feature Films , TV productions and Commercials supplying Animatronics, Prosthetics and Modelmaking with credits from Star Wars to 007 to the BBC Walking With Dinosaurs. Radio controlled creatures, Make-up effects, Models and Props, Special Costumes, Sculpture and Puppeteering have led to a number of Awards over the years including two BAFTA’s, an Emmy, one Tric, A Millenium Product and two RTS awards. We have recently completed Primeval I and II, Walking with Monsters, The Loch Ness Monster and Stonehenge Live: The Ultimate Experiment.
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