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Fibre Optic Brief  Fibre optic links have now been in use for many wears in the commercial/military field. Primarily in the military field for security as it does not radiate and the commercial field for its greater link spans and high data rates, writes William Saich, Volamp.Read More >>

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VDC Delivers For Euros Broadcast
The Euro 2016 Football Championships in France demanded a large array of broadcast devices. SmartCart Technology Ltd was asked to supply one of their units by US Sports broadcaster ESPN. The SmartCart is a 72-inch mobile high brightness interactive screen attached to a custom equipped cart for broadcast applications.
Egripment Unveils Portable Hardware Solutions
Egripment Support Systems, manufacturer of high-end camera support systems and remote broadcast solutions for the film and broadcast industries, is featuring several new compact and portable hardware solutions. Included among the products are the company's ProTraveller System, TDT Remote Crane System and Universal Dolly as well as its Focus Dolly Light and Aluminium Pack Track.
The MiniScope: A Game Changer
Chapman Leonard can't afford to sit still in such a fast moving industry. Change is inevitable as each new TV show or feature film brings new creative challenges as directors and producers push for more production value at every level.
It's All About The Sync
Ever experienced that frustrating moment when a director has the bright idea to call across another member of the camera team to cross shoot an item with a second camera at the last minute? Or maybe there's a multi-camera unit and several single camera PSC crews filming on location for the same production.
Lighting's New 'Flexible Friend'
January 2016 sees the introduction of lighting's new "Flexible Friend", the new FL-600 & FL-1200 flexible LED lights from Korean manufacturer FOMEX. Unlike existing flexible LED technology FOMEX is the first to offer it in a truly professional package that covers a spectrum of users from Feature Film rentals through Broadcast to Wedding Videographers, Stills Photography and beyond.
Maximising Director's Options In Challenging Broadcast Environments
Traditionally technicians utilise myriads of cables or batteries to power equipment and deliver end product. In challenging environments such as 'hidden camera' pieces for consumer affairs shows, the ability to minimise the size and footprint of broadcast equipment is critical. For many years, "Phantom" power over cable has been used to power microphones.
FLX-ClockBox From Vortex
Vortex has been providing timing solutions to broadcasters for decades and FLX-ClockBox is its latest innovation to provide virtually any type of clock or timer using low-cost HDMI screens for display. ClockBox is designed to be attached to the rear of the screen to provide an internally-generated HDMI time display, locked to an NTP reference (Network Time Protocol) over a computer network.
The Future Is Looking Bright For Octica
Based in Middlesex, Octica Professional Ltd is a Broadcast, Professional Video & Film Equipment distributor within the UK and Ireland. This issue, Spencer Doran, Director at Octica, talks exclusively to BFV...
Not So Flash, By Vidcheck
ITU-R BT 1702 is a specification that I am sure that many of you will be familiar with, albeit perhaps not with this nomenclature because it is often referred to as the OfCom PSE requirements, writes Thomas Dove, CEO, Vidcheck. These PSE requirements limit changes in brightness, moving patterns, and red images that can be present within video transmitted on UK television.
Alias Hire Invest In Live U's LU400
A few years ago Alias Hire stumbled upon technology that caught our attention that we never really turned away from, writes Danny Dawson, Alias Hire. Mobile sim cards, just like the ones you have in your mobile phone right now, but enabled to 'upload', 'uplink' or 'transmit' (pick a term you like) a genuine HD signal (1080i, 1080p or less resolution) over 4G (or 3G) connections.
Big Interview: Putting Their Customers First – The Success Of CVP
With over 25 years' experience in the business, it's clear to see CVP's passion for the Cine, Video and Photo industry. Taking the hot seat for our Big Interview, Dominic Smye-Rumsby, Technical Services Manager, discusses just what sets them apart from the competition...