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Anton/Bauer Powers One Of The First 8K Productions  Ushering in a new generation of resolution, RED Digital Cinema's new 8K WEAPON camera has already been picked up by director and cinematographer Phil Holland, one of the first to use it for his short film Forged.

"We followed blacksmith Tony Swatton as he forged a modern fantasy take on the Roman Gladius sword.Read More >>

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Sony F5 Vs FS7. Which Is Better?
This is a short article to explore the merits of Sony PMW-F5 and Sony FS-7 for modern production. By VMI. Over the last few years it seems that Sony introduce new cameras with alarming rapidity and whilst some products are new versions of previous models, the push for large sensor and 4K capability has led to some confusion amongst end users as to which system to use.
Last Domain Of Studio Cameras, Pt 2
This article is continued from Part 1. JVC has a formidable partnership with Bradley JVC Kenwood's General Manager John Kelly was sure: "The biggest change is the use of robotic type cameras. There is quite a change from traditional studio camera operational set-ups towards a mixture of that with ENG type cameras on a pan/tilt head.
Last Domain Of Studio Cameras, Pt 1
The biggest excitement on the camera market this year came with the NAB launch of the LDX 86 from Grass Valley and the HDC-4300 from Sony, bringing three-sensor 4K capabilities to sport and live event production without the limiting depth of field issue lens problems, writes George Jarrett. From cameras, UHD over IP transport workflow has been another jump forward.
Emperor's New Clothes Or New Emperor?
The C300mkii was launched at NAB this year. What were Canon doing revamping the most popular camera in video production? Asks Danny Dawson, Managing Director at Alias Hire.