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New Approaches To Studio, Location Cooling  As most of you will know, Silentair is far from being just another ordinary AC and Vent company, writes Phil Gillatt, Technical Director, Silentair.

Over the last four years we have developed a number of low noise systems specifically aimed at film and broadcast applications, and it is now well known that when you have Silentair air conditioning, filming can continue almost indefinitely.Read More >>

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Studio Lighting With Prolight Direct
Traditionally Film and TV studios used tungsten lights to light their studios, says Ossie Jung, Prolight Direct. Thirty years ago this was the only option and the norm, the down side was that these lights consumed huge amounts of electricity and generated immense heat which in turn necessitated the use of air condition units which in turn consumed even more electricity.
Elstree Studios Celebrate 90 Years
On 22 October, Elstree Studios hosted a special evening for the launch of 'Elstree Studios: A Celebration of Film and Television'. The book – by Morris Bright, Chairman of Elstree Studios, and Paul Burton, a writer and film & television historian, with an introduction by Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper – charts the 90-year history of the famous London Studios.
Audio Helps Deliver Strictly Experience
While Strictly Come Dancing is mainly about the visual spectacle of the ballroom – fantastic sets, amazing choreography and stunning graphics – its often neglected cousin, audio, has a huge role to play in creating the overall Strictly experience, explains Andy Tapley, Sound Supervisor at BBC Studios and Post Production (BBC S&PP).
The Studio And Its Equipment
So, you're building your own studio? That's great! But where do you start? Establishing what the requirements are and what content you're trying to produce should be the first port of call to inform you of what type of equipment you need, writes Liam Laminman, Managing Director, Trickbox TV.
A Radio Broadcast Studio – Acoustical Qualities
Studio acoustic can be adjusted to the studio use, so what is needed? Whatever the style or music genre, listenership is king! By Edward Veale, Principal, Veale Associates. The link between station output and listener is content. Differing formats and style attract different listeners. The number of listeners varies over the day with drive times often attracting most.
Video Clarity Launches ClearView Extreme 8K
Video Clarity has released its ClearView Extreme 8K video quality analyzer and ClearView Player 8K uncompressed 8K/4K/HD/SD recorder and player. ClearView Extreme 8K is a fully capable video quality analysis system for 8K resolution that allows users to measure and analyze the quality of 8K uncompressed video using perceptual metrics and side by side visual comparison on a single monitor.
ITV Chooses Silentair
ITV has selected Silentair as the preferred supplier for all their TV and Post Production Studios in the UK. Silentair have been working with ITV over the last 18 months, upgrading quite a number of different types of studios, ranging from post production to broadcast studios throughout the UK.
Booking A Studio: What To Look Out For
This may or may not be a true story. Writes Aiwan at Sinai Space. So, you've got you client, you have your brief, models are booked and your camera is loaded with a fresh SD card and is ready to take some shots.
Air Conditioning Is A Pain
Air Conditioning is a pain. Whenever it's mentioned discussions arise as to how good / how bad / how expensive etc., or of course, how boring it is as a discussion subject. Well whatever your thoughts, AC is generally a must in our industry so it may be worth spending a little time getting a better understanding of AC.