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Booking A Studio: What To Look Out For  This may or may not be a true story. Writes Aiwan at Sinai Space.

So, you've got you client, you have your brief, models are booked and your camera is loaded with a fresh SD card and is ready to take some shots.

It's a straightforward affair, you haven't booked a studio but, 'It's fine', you say, 'There's loads of studios locally, I'll call up a few days before the shoot and get something booked.Read More >>

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Air Conditioning Is A Pain
Air Conditioning is a pain. Whenever it's mentioned discussions arise as to how good / how bad / how expensive etc., or of course, how boring it is as a discussion subject. Well whatever your thoughts, AC is generally a must in our industry so it may be worth spending a little time getting a better understanding of AC.