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ITV Chooses Silentair  ITV has selected Silentair as the preferred supplier for all their TV and Post Production Studios in the UK.

Silentair have been working with ITV over the last 18 months, upgrading quite a number of different types of studios, ranging from post production to broadcast studios throughout the UK.Read More >>

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Booking A Studio: What To Look Out For
This may or may not be a true story. Writes Aiwan at Sinai Space. So, you've got you client, you have your brief, models are booked and your camera is loaded with a fresh SD card and is ready to take some shots.
Air Conditioning Is A Pain
Air Conditioning is a pain. Whenever it's mentioned discussions arise as to how good / how bad / how expensive etc., or of course, how boring it is as a discussion subject. Well whatever your thoughts, AC is generally a must in our industry so it may be worth spending a little time getting a better understanding of AC.